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The Chevy Chase golf course was designed in 1925 by architect William P. Bell. This is a 9-hole course comprised of 10 greens and 36 tees. Choose to play 18 holes on this course and you will find yourself challenged by 5200 yards of undulating greens spread across narrow fairways and trailed by great oak, cypress, and sycamore trees. This course is par 67 with a rating of 66.0 and a slope of 125 from the men’s tees - and par 72 with a rating of 64.4 and a slope of 121 from the ladies/junior tees. It is known to be engaging and competitive for players of all skill levels.

HOLE 1 and 10
Called “the hallway” by our golfers, this picturesque Hole featuring cypress and pine trees on either side, make up 409 - 424 yards of the most difficult par 5 in Southern California - most difficult due to its narrow and straight uphill sloped fairway. Your approach shot is 100 yards out to the inclined undulating false front. 

HOLE 2 and 11
This 381 - 430 yard par 5 features a unique extended tee box and an expansive view of the course and canyon. The fairway funnels 275 yards to the dog-leg right - a perfect set-up approach shot to the oak and elm tree sheltered hillside green - one of the largest on the course. 

HOLE 3 and 12
From the lowest to the highest level tee box, get ready for more than 50 yards of intervals to test your golf shot on this 118-163 yard par 3 hole. Deceptively simple, this Chevy oak tree protected hole, challenges its golfer to three vexing bunkers! And on your way to this green, you’ll want to keep an eye out for diners on the Sunset Terrace. 

HOLE 4 and 13
This 324-355 par 4 open fairway will lead you to a soft dog-leg on the left. Your approach shot to this green is deceptively sloped on the right and left, but can take an aggressive stroke against the backstop. Watch out - shoot past the green and you will end up in the hillside bunker or down the sharp drop on the right! 

HOLE 5 and 14
You will want to take a deep breath on arrival at this hole’s expansive fairway. This par 3 men’s and par 4 ladies hole is a wide open 167 - 217 yard fairway with a front and hillside bunker that runs along the whole length of the green. 
HOLE 6 and 15
This 88 - 146 yard par 3 t-box boasts two greens to challenge your game on the front and back nine. Your tee off shot will lead you uphill past two pot bunkers and a sharp drop to your left. Its multi-angled undulating green is one of our most difficult to read! 

HOLE 7 and 16
This #1 handicap is The Chevy’s signature hole. It is a 330 - 344 yard par 4 men’s and par 5 ladies challenge. Beautiful and serene, and lined with an impressive row of eucalyptus and sycamore trees, and a creekside bed that runs nearly the entire length of its fairway - this hole might just be your favorite! You will meet many obstacles on this hole including a dry creek to challenge your tee off shot just 150 yards out. Then meet your 200 yard drive to its postage size green surrounded by natural and manmade bunkers for your ultimate test of skill and precision. 

HOLE 8 and 17
Resides on the second highest north point of the Canyon with two levels of tee boxes, surrounded by pine trees and a bunker centered on the fairway. This par 3 hole ranges from 124 - 183 yards with a dramatic drop in elevation from your tee off shot to one of our largest putting greens. 

HOLE 9 and 18
This may be the most underestimated holes on the Course! Only 328 yards to the green, this par 4 has a backdrop view to the newly remodeled Clubhouse. There are plenty of challenges to navigate on this narrow fairway: pine trees line the left side of the fairway and cypress trees borders the right. Watch out for the two heavy rough grass moguls on your right, just 50 yards from the green and the two large bunkers to the left and one on the right of the green. Measure your approach shot carefully to keep diners on the Sunset Terrace happy!